Vinyl: Cousin Boneless 12" - "Possession"

Vinyl: Cousin Boneless 12" - "Possession"

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“Possession” - 12” vinyl record first press. Limited 250. Released by All We Got Records

Buy with their 7” vinyl split w/ Bridge City Sinners for discounted rate.

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1. Nithing Pole 03:52

2. Pretty Cemetery 02:09

3. Satyr's Crown 03:06

4. Null Set 02:22

5. Apocolypto 02:52

6 .Property 03:40

7 .Human Resource 03:52

8. Point Of You 02:51

9. Social Ghost 02:58

10. Glimpse 03:24

11 .Fuck Edward Bernays 03:00

12. Possession 03:10

Formed during the summer heat of 2013, in the streets of Pittsburgh, PA, Cousin Boneless create a distinctive sound that dances between the ardent and the macabre. Weaving together an energetic mix of punk and folk, their poignant lyrics dig into the struggles of our culture and times, while their atmospheric and darkly crafted sound is calculated and gripping. 

Heavily entrenched in the DIY folk and punk communities where their music first took form, Cousin Boneless maintain their viciously DIY ethos, having promoted and toured their music tirelessly since their inception. Playing alongside folk punk staples such as Days N Daze, Jayke Orvis, Blackbird Raum, Rail Yard Ghosts, and Wood Spider, while accruing a myriad of members, instruments, and sounds along the way, they have toured across both Europe and North America. 

After spending years as an exclusively acoustic band, Cousin Boneless have transformed on their latest full-length offering, Possession, plugging in and incorporating a fuller, heavier sound. The album marks a new milestone in their musical complexity, vision and direction.


released June 7, 2018 

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Bardzik at Noisy Little Critter, West Chester, PA. 

Tracks 6 and 12 recorded and mixed by Kasey Fusco at ETC Audio, Ambridge, PA 

All songs written and produced by Cousin Boneless 

Cousin Boneless is: 

Chris Blake - Accordion, Electric Guitar, Banjo (Track 3), Vocals 
Joey Schuller - Banjo, Piano, Trumpet, Vocals 
Storm Shimp - Bass 
Jonny Snape - Drums 
Joe Miller - Trombone 
Kyle Stinson - Spooky Saw, Screams 

Mika Metz - Tuba 
RabbitTail Abigail - Fiddle 
Mugshot - Fiddle 
Aydin Sabala - Mandolin 
Jess Vaughn - Auto Harp 
Kasey Fusco - EMX, Electric Guitar (track 7), French Connection, Snare (track 6)